Tucked in the iconic Tides South Beach Hotel, the Tides Restaurant and Terrace is one of South Beach’s most sophisticated spots for all-day dining and socializing.  It features seating indoors and on the restaurant’s expansive terrace, which spans the length of the building and is set just far enough back to facilitate inconspicuous people watching. If guests seek a quieter, more intimate dining experience, meals enjoyed in the “Turtle Room” never cease to impress.

The hotel’s culinary team serves up an eclectic blend of international and American favorites, tapping the bounty of the region’s seafood and fresh produce to craft menus that merge creativity, comfort and imagination.

Hours of Operation and Menus:

Contact The Tides Restaurant:

Freddy Erazo, Restaurant Manager

Ph: 305-604-5070

Email: Freddy.erazo@tidessouthbeach.com